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Some EMF meters may also have setting switches. With this meter, investigators typically choose the magnetic setting, because items like cell phones and electrical appliances will not cause the display to indicate the presence of EMF. Many paranormal investigators use EMF meters as one of an array of environmental sensors. These investigators take baseline environmental measurements in an allegedly haunted location, which may include readings such as temperature, humidity, and electromagnetic energy.

Then, throughout the course of the investigation, investigators watch for unexplained changes in the environmental data that appears to correspond with possible paranormal activity.

Ghost Hunter Gets A Tarot Card Reading Inside Haunted House

One popular meter paranormal investigators like to use is the K2 K-II meter. Some people believe this meter can communicate with spirits. They use it as a form of spirit communication, asking yes or no questions and waiting for the meter's lights to light up for a "yes" answer.

A K2 meter is one with marketing claims that it was specifically designed for ghost hunting. It has a simple interface including lights that allow investigators to see it in the dark. There is no proof this works for spirit communication , and it is a misuse of the intended purpose of an EMF meter.

There is a common misconception that EMF meters detect the presence of ghosts. Currently, no science backs up this assertion. Some investigators do notice anomalous EMF readings that occur concurrently with unexplainable activity. However, this evidence remains anecdotal with no basis in hard science. A change in an EMF reading does not necessarily show a ghost is nearby, even in the presence of possible paranormal activity.

Instead, it remains one more data point that may help measure anomalous activity. In order for this correlation to become a scientifically valid indicator of ghosts, a controlled, peer-reviewed scientific study needs to prove it is so. Thus far, no one has been able to prove or disprove the EMF-ghost hypothesis. Despite the lack of scientific evidence backing up their usefulness in detecting ghosts, paranormal investigators frequently use EMF meters during investigations.

They may do so for a number of reasons. Finding high levels of EMF in an allegedly haunted location may suggest a logical explanation for reports of possible paranormal experiences. For example, some studies have shown that high EMF may affect melatonin, which plays key roles in sleep regulation. High levels of EMF in a home may provide a logical explanation for why family members experience sleep disturbances they erroneously associate with paranormal activity.

Likewise, individuals who are hypersensitive to EMF may display a whole host of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms that may be wrongly attributed to paranormal activity.

EMF Meters

Anecdotal evidence from paranormal investigators does seem to suggest a possible correlation between spikes on an EMF meter and the presence of ghosts, but the correlation remains highly speculative and relies on a number of assumptions. While there is no scientific proof of this correlation, it still remains interesting and provides investigators with another data point to evaluate.

Some paranormal investigators use EMF meters because they see them used on television on shows like Ghost Hunters , or because they see other teams using them. In fact, the EMF meter is often misused in paranormal investigation, because many ghost hunters mistakenly believe that the meters detect the presence of ghosts.

While EMF meters can be a valuable tool in the paranormal investigator's arsenal, you should always be aware of the limitations of this equipment. Cell phones pulsing to find a tower, incoming calls or texts, and other cell phone activity can cause the meters to register a reading.

Therefore, when using EMF meters in paranormal investigation, you should always make sure all cell phones are turned off. Other pieces of paranormal equipment, such as walkie talkies, can also cause EMF meters to register a reading.

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Test your meter with other pieces of equipment you carry to determine how it reacts in the presence of that equipment. Saying God bless you when someone sneezes dates back to the Black Plague. The first sign you were infected was a sneeze. It became commonplace to bless anyone who sneezed. A sneeze could also be the first sign of the zombie apocalypse or other frightening worldwide disease.

Candles play a part in everyday life. White candles stand for purity which is why you see them at First Communions and Weddings. The superstition for white candles is they can help ward off evil. Placing a burning, white candle under a mirror will keep the spirits residing beyond the mirror from seeing out. Perhaps in a well-crafted story, they take on more abilities to see beyond the protection of the white candle.

Black candles are believed to be used in evil spells and for every color of candle there is a meaning. Springtime decorations will fill homes with colorful candles. Yellow, pink, green, peach and purple are springtime favorites.

A paranormal reader : true encounters : mediums,… — Kalamazoo Public Library

Pink represents love, yellow represents creativity and success. Peach promotes restoration and rejuvenation. Purple represents power and desire. Green represents prosperity, fertility, and success. For each of these positive beliefs, there can easily be an evil belief and the candle can be used against another.

Pink to force someone to believe in a perceived love for the wrong person. A purple candle lit to help an evil spirit gain more power or a green one to help the spirit succeed in wreaking havoc. Red candles represent love, but love can go wrong and grow into a hateful emotion. The ideas for simple, pretty candles in a paranormal story are endless. When authors write stories, they need the reader to experience everything their characters are experiencing.

To bring the reader into the story, it is important to use more than sight and sound. Using scent can be a subtle yet powerful sense for the character to experience and a way for the reader to connect with the character.

Common scents are the easiest to use to convey to the reader what the character is experiencing, but if the writer uses exotic scents and describes them well, it can pull the reader into a new experience. In paranormal writing, scent can play a large part in the experience of fear. If a character is lost in a cemetery at night, he or she may experience the scent of freshly mowed grass, fresh earth from a newly dug grave, rotting leaves, or dying flowers.

Reader Interactions

A mother witnesses her small child taken by a hideous monster. That is a very natural reaction. To add that touch of creepiness, place your frightened mother in a very typical situation and place, but have her catch a slight whiff of a fresh box of crayons. Each small episode of a scent experience can draw the mother further into the paranormal mystery of the monster and pull the reader along. A husband rolls over in bed and snuggles with his wife.

He wakes or perhaps he was never asleep when he remembers that his wife has been dead for weeks.

Paranormal Activity 2

If she is dead, why is the scent of her gardenia perfume still lingering in the room? The entire story could be written around that one scene. Ghosts can be attracted to scents. Imagine a woman who buys an old house. She has redecorated and moved her things into the house.