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Now, at age 55, he has melded these influences into a new American classical music, and is perpetuating his vision of an American School of String Playing. His distinguished career includes representing the United States Information Agency in cultural diplomacy to six continents and performing in front of several U. For more information, please see www. The works Mr. O'Connor composed for the disc, including its title track, gained him worldwide recognition as a leading proponent of a new American musical idiom.

The tremendously successful follow-up release, 'Appalachian Journey', received a Grammy Award in February With more than performances, his first full length orchestral score "Fiddle Concerto" has become the most-performed modern violin concerto composed in the last 50 years. It was recorded for the Warner Bros label in The Newark Star Ledger notes: "As a composer, he understands the power of a thematic transfiguration and development throughout a minute work. In April , Mr.

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According to the New York Times, " Richard Dyer of the Boston Globe called the work "concise, lyrical and irresistibly rhythmic. In August , Mr. In November , Mr. O'Connor and Ms. Fanfare enthusiastically writes: "All aficionados of the violin and all listeners in general will pass up this recording at their peril. The very highest commendation.

In , Mr. O'Connor released Hot Swing! The Chicago Tribune called it "one of the finest discs of his career and one of the greatest jazz violin albums ever. David McGee of Barnesandnoble. O'Connor's Symphony as "a monumental work O'Connor recorded his String Quartet No. As word of his considerable compositional talents has spread, Mark O'Connor's musical works have been embraced by a variety of performers. Yo-Yo Ma has recorded the solo cello adaptation of "Appalachia Waltz" and Renee Fleming has performed and recorded vocal arrangements of O'Connor's music, and a new Christmas song to come out on an upcoming Holiday release by Mr.

I think this is a must-read for anyone who loves to be hooked from the word go, even if you aren't necessarily a sci-fi fan, like myself.

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I Am Number Four was one of my favourite books of and is definitely one of my favourite action books ever! Quick afterword: the movie was amazing and really lived up to the book, if you ask me. I am hoping more than anything that The Power of Six will be made into a film too, because it will be even better! Read this book if you liked: H. Want to tell the world about a book you've read? Join the site and send us your review! Topics Books Teen book club. Teen books Children and teenagers Sci-fi books for children and teens children's user reviews.