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Guide Unearthed: Digging the Jewels of Sobriety from the Trenches of Addiction

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HOW TO find CLARITY in your MIND - SOUL vs EGO

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  4. Click here to see a list of articles that cite this paper. Login or Create Account. Allow All Cookies. Optics Express Vol. Booth, "Ultrafast laser writing quill effect in low loss waveguide fabrication regime," Opt. Express 26 , Accessible Open Access. Abstract The quill effect is a laser writing phenomenon in which different fabrication effects occur, depending upon the direction of laser translation. Hybrid laser written waveguides in fused silica for low loss and polarization independence Jun Guan, Xiang Liu, Patrick S. Heat accumulation effects in femtosecond laser-written waveguides with variable repetition rate Shane M.

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    Select as filters. He literally denies almost all classical con cepts and classical views of reality as " We are intentionally not remediating most of this text, yet. Allow us to quote some specifics from 4 th ed. Prefaces and some from Chapter I on Superposition.