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The Stalker. Taken: The Wrath of Mabon: Episode 4. The idea of being your mutant queer mascot appeals to be not one bit. So we wanted to have a bit of fun imagining just what Mr. I remember Northstar back in days of Alpha Flight. And back then he was annoying. I love comics, but…. When he returned to comics a few months ago, Rictor and him reunited with a passionate kiss. I was never a fan of Northstar.

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Would have been an awesome opportunity for Marvel to create an incredibly powerful, prominent, influential and complex and interesting character out of a young gay man who has a relatively steady following and is increasingly popular. But, more representation is better for us. So cool beans. Always thrown to the rear…written in typical cliche standards. Just read XFactor: Nation X and although getting better at it, there were still a lot of cliche gay sterotypes with Northstar, Shatterstar and Rictor.

Hopefully someone can properly write these characters. I am thinking X-Factor series will end up touching more on it since the new status quo gay couple, Shatterstar and Rictor are in that title.

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With this talk of a gay mutant hero, I thought you were referring to a young cast member of Twilight New Moon…. About 30 issues later, with a new writer and a new EIC, that storyline was repudiated. Why are bottoms like Queerty editors so prickly with each other like two bitches fighting over a pit bull! In one of the last issues of the Ultimate X-Men run, he was shown sitting with Colossus watching the sun set.

Actually, it was Northstar who kept Colossus from killing Wolverine. But it took both of them out of the book.

The video has been picked up by a number of newspapers and is being shared widely across social media. Reactions have been strong. I blame pc politics meself. Lexi Rae meanwhile was clear that she had no time for the man in the van.

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Not only was he verbally harassing her, he put his hands on her more than once. FUCK that guy and fuck his mirror. Alex has written for more cricket publications than the rest of the road.